Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Movies of All Time

Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Movies of All Time

One of the world’s most prolific actor, Samuel L. Jackson has done over 100 films and gained untarnished reputation for the same. Having grown watching his movies, ranging from Pulp Fiction to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jackson has surely become recognized as the staple pop actor for the industry. The roles Samuel L. Jackson is usually chosen for, are quite perilous and badass. The undertones of his voice during dialog delivery add more rhythm in addition to the depth and humor in the dialogues. All the Samuel L. Jackson movies can be watched on the app MovieBox, if you have not seen any yet.

Samuel L Jackson had first started his acting career in 1972 after a civil protest he had done in the year 1968 against his school professors by holding them hostage. The experiences that he has gained in his journey probably add to the honesty of badassery in his movies.

Below are some of the best performances of Samuel L. Jackson of all times. Although he is one of the most underrated actors who has never received an Oscar yet, Jackson continues to surprise his audience with the nuanced aura he brings to the screen.

  1. Pulp Fiction: As Jules Winnfield, the eccentrically philosophical assassin, Samuel L. Jackson certainly compassed the emotional resonance Tarantino had written for the audience to connect to. The honest portrayal of a ruthless, furious, and unapologetic hitman, reciting bible verses as coldly as one would have ever heard and understanding them thoroughly at the end while trying hard to be “the shepherd”, by the prolific actor for the character, left every viewer in awe. The movie later went on to be nominated for 7 different Oscars.
  2. Django Unchained: As Stephen, Samuel L. Jackson was seen playing the supporting character who happens to be a black house slave who, unconventionally, is not affected by slavery or does not necessarily consider slavery bad. Although the movie starts off with Samuel L. Jackson playing his regular badassery, it slowly smoothens out to a nuanced, more sinister, deadly and terrifying character. Samuel’s character portrayal definitely gained more applause by the viewers than Di Caprio’s, although not from the Academy.
  3. Jackie Brown: As Ordell Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson has played slightly more sinister than his usual. The despicable character of a ruthless gun dealer played by Jackson was regarded as the best performance in the movie after the Oscar nominated act of Pam Grier. Jackie Brown, a crime melodrama, portrayed duality in Jackson’s characters ranging from extreme highs to most vicious lows.
  4. Do the Right Thing: As Mister Señor Love Daddy, Samuel L. Jackson has played slightly different than a regular perilous, ferocious and an unapologetic hitman or badass. In ‘Do the Right Thing’, Jackson plays a Radio Jockey who is a cold headed, poetic commentator, soothing every tension in each audience’s head. The movie begins with the trembling wake up call by Jackson that is targeted towards waking up and protesting against Racism. The gear that Jackson is seen wearing is multi-colored and flaunts vibes of positivity and immaculate character.
  5. Unbreakable: As Elijah Price, Samuel L. Jackson plays a calm and calculated villain, unlike most movies he has done. Jackson has not left a stone unturned in portraying the meticulous depth of the character, under the scarf of emotions and detachments. The ability of not having to say a word to transfer the intensity of one’s emotion is best seen in the movie.

Above were the top 5 best performances by Samuel L. Jackson that one should definitely check out on MovieBox.